How safe is it to use credit card?

Our credit card processing is handled separately by CCNOW. Their process is encrypted and 100% guaranteed. You can safely use your credit card. We do not store any of your credit card information. Credit card processing in INR Rupee is done through secured CCAVENUE processing.

What is a VCD?

VCD stands for Video Compact Disc. 

What is the format of Video CD and Video Cassettes?

Video CD's we sell, runs in any kind of systems like NTSC, MASECAM, etc. VHS Video Cassette tapes are in PAL format only.
Are the video tapes and vcd's compatible to my player?
VCD's will run in all standalone DVD Players and of course on all computers with a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive with the help of a software based decoder / player. VHS video cassette tapes work only with VCR/VCP which runs PAL tapes and Television with PAL input.
How do I know what is my region type?
If you are in European region, you are using PAL format. In USA/Canada, NTSC format is used.
How does it take to reach shipped destination?
Ordinary shipping takes around 14 days. However, at cases it may take up to 20 days. Price of video items include ordinary shipping cost. Express shipping takes around 5 days time and can be tracked online. Shipments within INDIA is done through express courier shipping and takes around 3 days depending upon location.
Who pays the customs duties?
Any customs duty levied by respective country is the buyer's responsibility, we are not liable to pay any customs duty/levy.
Can I pay by any other mode other  than credit card?
We accept Western Union money transfer. Please email us for details. For shipment within INDIA, we accept bank transfer.
Is there any discount for shipment within India? Can I pay by INR?
Please check our video section for shipment within India, we accept credit cards and you can pay by INR Rupee. All shipments within India are done by express courier service. We do accept Bank Draft for payments in INR, please email us for details.
What happens if the shipped item has defects?
As a policy we test check all video items before shipment to ensure they are manufacturing error free. This saves the customer from the hassle of returning the item. However, if there are still defects, the item is replaced on its return.
Is there any discount for buying in bulk?
Bulk discounts are offered for order of 10 or more video items.

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